Autumn Wine Tasting: Lisbon's Vineyard Getaways


Savor the season with wine tours and tastings near the city

1. Quinta da Romeira

Escape to the peaceful countryside at Quinta da Romeira, a family-owned winery known for its exceptional red and white wines. Explore their vineyards, participate in a guided tour, and end with a delightful wine tasting session.


2. Quinta da Pacheca

Get a glimpse of the rich winemaking heritage at Quinta da Pacheca, a vineyard known for its premium wines. Take a guided tour, explore the wine cellars, and sample their exceptional Douro Valley wines.


3. Quinta da Bacalhôa

Indulge in the opulence of Quinta da Bacalhôa's wines, produced in a prestigious estate with lush gardens and vineyards. Take a guided tour of the winery, admire the art collections, and enjoy a curated wine tasting.